right now

do you ever just grab your camera and document what you and your family is doing RIGHT NOW?

i’m horrible at remembering to document just for the sake of documenting….i’m such a perfectionist that i have to stage/pose everything.  and, i really want my kids to look back at our photos and see that sometimes, our house was a wreck – toys were all over the house, dishes were left in the sink, and the laundry was (and still IS) piled up.

i want to force myself to capture our REAL day to day – RIGHT now.

so i’m creating a goal for me and for you, my readers.  let’s focus on the “RIGHT NOW” in our photos.  i’m not suggesting that we uncover ALL of our home’s messiness all of the time….but let’s make a pointed effort to capture the “right now” occasionally in our photos.

i still believe there is a time and a place for the posed portrait – so please don’t think i will be abandoning my favorite type of photography – posed portraits!

here is how “right now” will work:

  • i’ll be posting my “right now” post about every week -
  • it is a time, once you see it, for you to just snap a photo RIGHT then of the RIGHT NOW in your life.
  • blog it, flickr it, facebook it, share it!
  • link up under my blog post with your link to your image.  share with your readers what the “right now” movement is!
  • you can grab the “right now” blog badge off of my blog on the right sidebar to spread the word.
  • display it on your blog…if you need a specific size, please let me know.  the one i have shared is a 125px square.

i will be using my “right now” blog posts to cover some photography tips, share some lightroom presets, photoshop actions, templates and more.

you can view all the “right now” blog posts here: right now blog posts on willette

so….what are you waiting for?….snap a photo of your “right now” RIGHT NOW.

here are some resources to help you: