instagram photoshop action {FREE}

hey all you iPhone instagram app users….i just wrote an action to help you print those files as 4×6 photo prints for you all (and it is free).

here is my original photo:

and here is my photo AFTER running the action….this will print as a 4×6 print so i can order at my photo lab….

i was just putting together my costco print order for my project life albums (i will share my layouts with you soon….i have about two weeks to catch up on since our little vaca last week)…and as i went to order prints of my instagram prints, i found that because they are set up as 4×4 prints, i wasn’t getting the “true” instagram look when ordering via my lab, so i wrote an action that will add a white background/extension to the 4×4 so it will print nicely as a 4×6.

you can either leave the white “extension” on your print, or you can cut it off once you get your prints back.

the goal of this action is to just make life easy for you and to encourage you to print your photos rather than leave them on your phone!


download the file here: willette’s FREE instagram resizing action (this is a zip file that you have to unzip then load in to photoshop to use)

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  1. Erin Portch says:

    Cool! I wish Instagram would come to the android!

  2. Excellent idea! And I’m sure it will work just fine for those of us who have to use PicPlz since we use android phones… Thanks!

    Adorable picture, btw, those chubby legs and feet! Oh my!!! : )

  3. This is very cool. Thanks so much. There is a website that prints them out as stickers but it’s expensive, and really what are you gonna do with stickers?

  4. Love Love Love that you are sharing this with us all – I have no idea how to unzip the file tho! Please help!

  5. You are the most brilliant person ever! Thank you so much for this action. Love it.

  6. MelodyA. says:

    Nice. Thank you!

  7. This is an amazing idea. Thank you for sharing with us all!

  8. You are my hero!! Thanks for creating and sharing this with us :)

  9. thank you!!

  10. Thank you so much!! I am beyond excited to try it! I found a link to this action on twitter and I’m glad I did because now I’ll be following your lovely blog as well. I just joined the iphone club too and I’m having so much fun using it to document life.
    Thanks again!

  11. Awesome! Thank you! I was looking for your Willette Websize action and can’t find it. My computer crashed, so I lost all my old actions. Is it still around anywhere?

  12. Very cool. any chance it’s PSE friendly?

  13. awesome. thanks. i don’t know why i never thought to print out any of my iphone photos considering there are so many that i love.

  14. Thanks! I love instagram. Now I can make an album too.

  15. Thank you so much! now if there was just an easier way to group/unload all my instagram photos i’d be in heaven!!!

  16. Thanks … you are awesome! I will have to check it out tonight.

  17. If you have an android phone, download the free app Retro Camera. It’s really cool :)

  18. Awesome! Thank you so much!!

  19. awesome!!! thank you so much for making and sharing!!

  20. Thanks going to install right now. Cant wait to get printing.. My “one little word” project just got simpler.

  21. Michelle says:

    Thank you!!!!

  22. Thank you so much-I’ve been dreaming of this and now here it is:)
    Question for you though-I’m a newbie-ish person when it comes to PSE.
    I have PSE 6 for MAC and I have downloaded the free file, but I have no idea how to “load” it into my PSE so I can use it? Is there any set if simple directions I can follow?
    Thanks again,

  23. Wow…this is just what I have been hoping to find. I am in love with Instagram…and now to be able to print them for my Project Life would be amazing!!

    Like some of the other ladies on here, I don’t know how to load it up in photoshop…any way you can give us a little tutorial? (I loved the one you did for the Ali Edwards brushes and it totally taught me how to do that…). Really thankful for your sharing!!

  24. I cannot get the action to work Kelly! I loaded the action into my photoshop, but when I go to hit the “play” button i get a little circle with a line through it! Is there something I am doing wrong? I am using a dinosaur nersion (CS) od photoshop. Could that be it?
    Apologies for any inconvenience, but how amazing of you to create this action!
    Thank you!

  25. Thank you so very much for sharing your very cool photo shop action. I love instagrams but do not won anything that could creat one…now I can…you rock!!!
    I’ll make sure to share your blog on mine (

  26. Lissa Mader says:

    There’s a great new plug-in that i think just came out. It does what Hipstamatic and Instagram do – with no worries about resizing.

  27. I really enjoy your freebies. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  28. Really useful, thanks for posting it.


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