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i’m back!!! and ready to give you another right now challenge! are you ready to get out your cameras and document your right now?

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this week’s winner will receive a set of three of my posing guides of his or her choice!

right now:
we had a tickle fest on the bed – flossie and max are so into each other. having two kids is better than i ever could have imagined! i never dreamed that they would be as into each other as they are. yes, they already have sibling rivalry…flossie LOVES to torture max – touch him when he doesn’t want to be touched, etc., but when they hug spontaneously without my prodding, it melts my heart.

our current sibling drama is over the hermit crab my mom brought home to max as a souvenir – flossie thinks it is hers. i have a feeling we’re going to be heading to the oceanfront to get her her own hermit crab (i want one for myself as well..hahaha).

so what is your right now looking like? share your link below (be sure to include a link back to this site).  also, be sure to get your entries in by 6/23/11 to be put in the random drawing!

also, i have created some “right now” downloads for participants including: the blog badge graphic, two right now frames (one is horizontal and one is vertical) and a right now photoshop brush to use on your photos if you wish. you don’t have to use these.

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right now week two challenge winner…

a vermont girl winner

i have finally randomly selected the winner for the right now week two challenge sponsored by clickin’ moms (my fav!).

congratulations to entry number 18 by a vermont girl. you have just won a lifetime membership to Clickin’ Moms!  sweet!  email me to collect your winnings, babe!  and congratulations.

check out vermont girl’s blog – cool stuff!!!

thanks to all of you for participating.  there will be more opportunities to participate coming up later this week.  we have had a nutty four weeks, but we seem to have all the chaos under control – husband was overseas for four weeks, both kids had strep at the same time, family visiting from out of town, end of school actvities galore, etc.

i’m glad we’re finally on summer break here!  i need a break from the hectic school schedule of field trips, school activities, homework, etc.

stay tuned to the blog!

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right now challenge: sponsored by clickin’ moms

right now strawberry FEATURE

it is another right now challenge coming your way!

i snagged these yesterday while feeding flossie her lunch.  and if you know me, then you know that these TRULY are right now captures.  she is on day three of wearing the same pjs and her hair bow is M.I.A. (and i can’t stand to see her without a bow in her hair).  in my perfect, planned world, i would have dressed her in something that would coordinate with the strawberries and i would have a hairbow in her hair…LOL.

but, the point of the “right now” series is to let go of the instinct to stage/plan the documentation of your family’s daily life.

each week, i post my own “right now” photos, and you have the chance to follow the “right now” prompt, capture your own “right now” then link up at the bottom of the post.  a randomly selected winner will receive a prize package.  this week’s is sponsored by my favorite clickin moms!

also, i have created some “right now” downloads for participants including: the blog badge graphic, two right now frames (one is horizontal and one is vertical) and a right now photoshop brush to use on your photos if you wish.  you don’t have to use these.

to download the “right now” goodies, click here.  you just have to use a valid email address.  they will be delivered to your inbox immediately. Add to Cart

so here are my right now shots for the week.

these were taken using natural light from french doors that she was facing and using my 85mm 1.4 nikon lens. i forgot how awesome that lens is!


to participate, just link below with your blog or image url and be sure to link back to this page or to the main “right now” page.  the winner will be selected at random saturday, may 14th by 9 am EST.


this week’s winner will be the super lucky recipient of a lifetime membership to the clickin moms forum. (this is a $195 value – but it is actually priceless because of all the awesome info on that forum).

right now week two winner…

random number generator may 6

well…entries are now closed for last week’s “right now” challenge.  and we have a winner…..

was it you?

to learn more about the right now challenges, click here.

and her awesome entry can be found here:

congratulations, cynthia! you win THREE willette posing guides of your choice!  email me with your choices!

i will have the next right now challenge up before monday.  so, be sure to check out our winner’s blog, give her a big congrats, grab the button code from the right, charge your camera batteries, and get ready for next week’s “right now” challenge.

the next “right now” will be sponsored by my favorite clickin moms!  awesome!!!!!

stay tuned to the willette blog and the willette facebook fan page for the next challenge.


right now

flossie right now 001 FEATURE

are you ready?  get out your camera today and document your RIGHT NOW.  be sure to link up on this blog post below what you have going on RIGHT NOW in your world!

this is a new weekly series i am starting called “right now.” please be sure to read up on what it is, and please share the word!  i have a blog badge code on the right for you to put up on your blog.

each week i will give the “right now” prompt, and there will be a winner at random for a prize!

this week’s prize is:  a set of three willette posing guides of the winner’s choice (can choose from: newborn, baby, family, senior, family, siblings and children).  this is a $150 value!

all you have to do is link up after this blog post with your photo from your flickr stream or your blog url.  you have one week to link up!  the drawing will be held with a random  number generator on friday morning.


right now,

  • you got your baggie of crayons out of the basket and “asked” in your own way to color.
  • you are standing on a kitchen chair coloring your disney coloring pages.
  • you have tasted several of the colors – green seems to be your favorite one to eat.
  • max is at tennis lessons.
  • i’m cooking macaroni and cheese (in the microwave).
  • daddy is on an airplane.
  • the cat just knocked over a vase of roses.  the water has saturated stacks of photos i had out.
  • we’re listening to adele on the radio.

please share with us what you have going on “right now:”

right now

right now 001 870 px

right now….

our disaster playroom.

in an effort to better document the everyday around here, i figured i would give you a snapshot into the “right now” in our home.

(to learn more about my new “right now” series, please either click the right now icon above or visit the willette right now page).

right now:

  • spring break officially began for us today.  it is such an awesome feeling!
  • i’m watching a friend’s son, and he and max are playing lego star wars on the xbox.
  • flossie is having a blast hanging out with the boys…she is playing with her baby dolls…brushing the baby doll’s hair.  not sure if she learned this from tangled the disney movie or from me brushing her hair after her bath each night.
  • i’m getting ready to pack the kids up to go pick up our coastal farms CSA food delivery for the week.  we just started this this week…VERY excited.  willette’s family owns webb family farms in Gardiner (E. Pittston), Maine, so we were thrilled to learn about a local CSA that supports our own local farmers here in Virginia.  not sure what to expect….our first week’s order includes some meat, bread, chicken eggs, fresh brunswick stew, and some sweet potatoes.

about my photo: i used my sigma for nikon 20mm 1.4 lens on my nikon d3.  this is our playroom.  all natural light.  photo settings: 1/200th ss, f/2.2, ISO 800.

what does your world look like “right now?”

link up and share with us what is going on in your world in photos – right now.

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